Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Scrubber Dryers
Scrubber Dryers

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Scrubber Dryers

Oct 08, 2023

If purchased wisely, a high-quality floor cleaning machine can be as useful as an extra pair of hands for a harried cleaning crew. But if you make the wrong decision, you can end up with a machine that constantly breaks down or, even worse, one that you put away and forget about.

Have Scrubber Dryers in your sights? Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

What kind of flooring do you have to clean?

Mechanically driven brushes or pads on floor scrubbing machines rotate over a detergent solution, agitating it into the floor and using varying degrees of brush pressure to remove grime and oil from the surface. Always use equipment and accessories designed for the kind of cleaning flooring to avoid damaging the floor when operating a heavy industrial machine.

For cleaning hardwood floors without damaging the finish, choose Scrubber Dryers with gentler brushes. A machine with a stiffer brush and more brush pressure would be more effective on a concrete warehouse floor that has been deeply discoloured over time.

How big is the space that needs to be cleaned?

A huge scrubber may have no trouble cleaning a large area, but it may have trouble cleaning a tiny area because of obstructions like racking and other gear. The size of the Scrubber Dryers in the area being cleaned is crucial.

Does noise bother you?

The equipment's noise level is another factor to think about. Although noise isn't usually a worry in settings like factories and warehouses, it is in others, such as hospitals and research labs. Therefore, it's important to have a quiet machine when in operation.


Scrubber Dryers are a convenient and time-saving way to clean your floors because they are user-friendly and low-maintenance. A machine out there will work for your demands and price range. Contact AM Clean and Care Solution today to learn more about how we can assist you in making your space more sanitary, secure, and conducive to good health.

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