The SP2832 battery version machine are a genuine workhorse providing a truly cost-effective answer to big area floor maintenance.


SP2832 provides you with cleaning and flexibility of a Large Scrubber Drier which is very user friendly and efficient. It comes with stainless steel chassis and a Power head folding system. It is value for money and economical to use. The machine is ideally suited indoor cleaning from light to medium tasks such as Educational Institutions, Small Super Market and other Retail Outlets.


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Product Specifications

Model No Squeegee Width Solution Tank Recovery Tank Disc Brush Brush Motor Brush Speed Brush/pad Holder Max Pressure Batteries Working Noise Level Suction Motor Weight Size
SP2832 780 mm 40 L 45 L 18” 400W 180 rpm 30 Kg DC24V(2X12) 60dba 500 W 60 Kg 1080X500X1075mm